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Video Case Study #3 Questions: https://media.pearsoncmg.com/…

Video Case Study #3 Questions: https://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/streaming/careers/2013/mylegalstudieslab/Paralegal_and_Professional/PP16_UPL_Issue_Helping_Client_Without_Law.html

Watch the first minute of this video.  Paralegal Michael is trying to be sympathetic listening to Sarah, who is concerned about her children.  She asks the point-blank question: “What can I do?  Answer the following:

  • Is Michael’s response legal advice or simply information?
  • If his response is legal advice, does he fix his error by referring to the lawyer for advice?
  • Is there something else he could have said, just in case his earlier statement could have been interpreted as legal advice?

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