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video link at the bottom 250-300 words Harvest of Shame

video link at the bottom

250-300 words

Harvest of Shame is the story of migratory farmworkers following the harvest season from Florida north to the upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states, and back again. 
Today we are used to getting news and information about people and events from all over the world on an almost instantaneous basis.  But imagine yourself in an American living room in 1960, sitting down to watch the news, and suddenly having the curtain lifted on a part of your society that you very likely had no idea even existed.  You can hear that perspective in the way that Murrow addresses the audience.  Try to comment with that fresh perspective in mind.  What surprises you?

Some other questions to bear in mind: What does this story tell us about the industrial food system of the United States as it existed in 1960? What do you think might have changed since this film was made? What do you think might have become of these workers and their families after 1960? And (since we are studying social movements regarding food), what do you think are the conditions, favorable or unfavorable, for social movements that might address some of the workers’ concerns? How might their lives have improved?

link to video : https://youtu.be/yJTVF_dya7E. 

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