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view attachmentsWeek 4 PEER REVIEW DISCUSSIONThis Humanities course will embrace the adult learning model of drawing upon the insight and wisdom

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This Humanities course will embrace the adult learning model of drawing upon the insight and wisdom of the group through peer presentations on topics of interest from the participants. Each week, participants will select a topic from a list of options, and will research and present information and insights on that subject to the group. The topics will be identified in four columns or “strands” of similar subjects, based on the division of the Timeline found in the text at the end of each chapter. The four strands are usually divided as: Historical Events; Landmarks in Visual Arts; Literary Landmarks; and Music Landmarks. Sometimes the strands will substitute different topics (such as Religion/Philosophy or Beyond the West) depending on the era covered in the chapter.

The class will be divided into four learning communities at the beginning of the course (group A, B, C, and D). Each of the four learning communities will have a different strand assigned to individually select a topic to present to the group. (Note: this is NOT a group project. Rather, each member of the learning community will individually select a different topic found within your assigned strand.) Each week the learning community will rotate to a new strand, so they will have the opportunity to explore most strands up to two different times. Individuals can select a topic of a similar theme not found in their strand (but also following the theme of the assigned strand) with approval of the professor. 


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