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Without choosing a side there are some things that should

 Without choosing a side there are some things that should be said first.

   The Federalists: were in support of the Constitution. Mostly younger, and had careers made by the revolution. They were also not opposed to the idea of a bill of rights, and in fact most supported it.

   The Anti-Federalists: were just that, anti-Federalists. Many patriots were anti-Federalists, for the most part they were on the side of a weaker government with a more direct democracy and were particular to the preservation of individual rights.

My Topic 3 DQ 1 answer:

   For me, I tend to agree with the federalists. The Constitution was (and is today) very important to strengthen the states in the early years after the war for Independence. One of the biggest problems for the early government was debt. They owed money to many individuals through the form of bonds, and delayed wages, and owed money to other countries too. In fact, people waiting for their pay were starting to get unruly. The constitution would give the government the ability to add tax (although it is a hot subject, not all tax is bad.) This tax would allow them to diffuse their debt and keep relative order in the states. And finally, I do wholeheartedly agree with anti-Federalists on at least one subject, the bill of rights is necessary. The individual freedoms and liberties that were fought for in the war for Independence needed to be (and still need to be) protected. ( read and explain in own words 100 words)

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