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Write a 1500-2000 words-long project report. Your final repo…


  • Write a 1500-2000 words-long project report.
  • Your final report should outline the key findings of your data analysis as well as suggestions for how your intended audience should respond to your findings.
  • Your project report should include 4-8 charts. You can use the charts you have submitted in project showcase. 
  • Your final report is expected to be brief rather than a long, detailed report. 
  • Your project report should not include a table of contents or bibliography.
  • Your project report should be written as if it were addressed to your intended audience (CEO of a company or a manager) rather than to your statistics professor.
  •  At the top of your first page, include a brief description of who the intended audience is.
  • Include in your report a clear recommendation for your audience of  what steps (i.e. hire an advertising manager, rent a new facility, advertise more, shut down the business, etc.) they should take in response to your analysis.
  • R programming should be used for analysis and coding, with a brief explanation of code included in the.qmd file.
  • explain the algorithm used for the analysis and why it was chosen for the dataset
  • should analyze using either regression or classification models and explain the outcomes

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