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You use problem-solving skills every day, even when you don’…

You use problem-solving skills every day, even when you don’t realize it. For example, maybe you need to be at work for an important meeting, but your child is sick. How do you make arrangements so you can still get to your meeting?

Or, you have a child that needs help with an assignment that you aren’t very familiar with.  How do you help the child with their homework? Or maybe your rent is due tomorrow, but you’re short $150. What do you do?

In paragraph 1, identify a problem that you have had to solve.  Explain how you determined the best course of action for your situation.  Explain why your decision was the best decision for you.

In paragraph 2, identify a problem where you did not make a good decision.  Explain how you made your initial decision and the outcome.  Define what you would have done differently?

You will also need to respond to one of your peers.

Remember to answer each part of the question. Typically a substantial post consists of 10-14 sentences, and a peer response with 1-2 complete sentences.

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