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Your best friend’s daughter comes into the office where you

Your best friend’s daughter comes into the office where you work seeking birth control pills.  You know that her mother does not know that she is sexually active.

Your friend’s daughter is the next patient and it’s your turn to room the next patient in line.  What are your options?Should you confront your friend’s daughter about being sexually active?Should you tell your friend that her daughter was seeking birth control pills?
Read above and reply to classmates responds  in 150 words.
Classmates responds:
Well, my first opinion on this type of situation would be to act professional towards whoever the patient was. I would take her to the back and do all the necessary things that usually done and seat her in a room to wait for the doctor. I would not treat her any different way or try to convince her to change her mind. I do not believe it would be my place to say anything to her especially while I am at work. I will say maybe if she has any questions or concerns that I am able to answer she can contact me at any time. I also would not say anything to my friend. If I said something to my friend, it would be breaking HIPAA laws and I could get in trouble by the law as well as lose my job for breaking the patient’s privacy. It does not matter who it is or who you are working for or where you are at the time, it is never okay to share anyone’s information without their consent.

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